HuskeeSwap App Updates

We have some rather epic App updates (coming soon!)

Oh, you didn't know we had an app? That’s ok, it’s currently just a location map for swap sites with embedded website links. What we’ve built however is game changing. 

STORE a cup. For when customers don’t want to take their HuskeeCup home or they’re going out for dinner and would rather not carry a cup around.

The advantage for you as a cafe is that you have more of your float stock washed and ready for swapping. It also drives loyalty as you can only redeem a cup from where you stored it.

BORROW a cup. Forgot your cup? No worries. Want to try this new fangled cup swap thing everyone’s going on about for free? Sure thing. Want to get your work colleagues on board so you don't have to remember whose is whose reusable on the coffee run? We got you.

This opt in service that will allow cafes to loan a cup out to a customer for up to 7 days depending on float availability.

This not only solves the main challenge of reusables (forgetting them!) but enables new customers who are on the fence to try HuskeeSwap before having to buy a HuskeeCup.

This will be limited to once a week and cups that aren't returned are charged at full RRP. So worse case scenario, you make a sale.

Full details and roll out plan to follow!